Company Overview
Bonea Ltd. is a young, project-oriented software development company, providing customers with quality solutions for commercial and custom systems across multiple platforms, according to specific business needs. The company was founded in the end of 2001 by Dr. Boyan Bontchev (President of Bonea Ltd.), who has fourteen years of extensive IT and management experience from his previous career in West Europe and Bulgaria.

Bonea comprises two major technical disciplines: application and system engineering. The application line is focused on developing scalable, reliable and secure Internet and wireless applications, back-end engines, client-server database software and desktop systems. Our system engineering approaches in building smart and well-designed infrastructure systems, visualization systems, parsers, generators, etc.

Our Mission
Bonea strongly believes our mission is to develop quality solutions and products meeting fully the customers' business requirements. We deliver extraordinary value to clients by offering state of the art technological solutions and serve as an outsource development partner in their business challenges. Our experiences in developing Web/WAP applications, office automation systems and system integration using modern programming technologies and a process for remote software development, meets clients' business needs.
Our Approach
Bonea Ltd. plans for your success from the start. We apply our own overall work processes, which may include design and development, operation and maintenance, and support and organizational processes. There are defined workflow procedures for all of the processes. We work closely with our clients as their needs evolve. Our customers are kept well informed about project development status. Read more about the Bonea processes in the "Process" section.
Academic contacts
For supporting its close contacts with the Universities in Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bonea Ltd. gives courses, devoted to cutting-edge technology development in industrial software development. Thus, Bonea shares its knowledge to MSc students and University researchers and encourages students to participate in company projects. Bonea has on its disposal curriculums of more than 200 young talented people desiring to participate in our future development.