Web Project Tracker

Web Project Tracker is an EJB Internet application for dynamic project management, project tracking and reporting. Web Project Tracker was designed using the best experience of several SW engineers in the area of several methodologies such as the Rational Unified Process, MS Frameworks, and knowledge of a lot of SW developers. ProjecTrack's vision of a project is as follows:
  • Projects are defined by project managers as nominated entities composed by a set of tasks in given order.
  • Each tasks is defined in given time interval
  • Task order includes sequential and concurrent time relations
  • During the project life, each task evolves with the activities (reports) added to it by task workers
    The main differences between ProjecTrack and other project management tools as Microsoft Project are:
  • Dynamic control over the project - includes task scheduling and management over project evolution
  • Community of users - everybody involved in the project has access to ProjecTrack (but not managers only)
  • Project/task reports for given time period

  • Project/task progress bars

  • For accessing the Web Project Tracker, ask for user login and navigate to You can download a paper presented at CompSysTech'2003 Int. Conference about Web Project Tracker here.


    M-Finance was developed by Bonea Ltd. and Frontier Ltd. Web portal for Professional Financial Services offering services rear to be found on any other existing financial Web site and, in the same time, very useful to the retail investor. The traditional market overview and stock trading simulation is combined with some technical analyses via Web typical for advanced desktop tools. For the moment, the portal includes managing user's profiles, definition and evaluation of trading strategies, strategies stock screening, and E-mail and wireless alerting. For the purpose of defining custom trading strategies, the system allows the usage of predefined set of technical indicators like simple moving average, exponential and weighted moving averages, and candlestick patterns. Screens are executed at the back office system at the end of the trading day. For every stock that triggers a buy/sell signal, the user receives an e-mail or SMS alert.
    Navigate to the MFinance site at http://www.mfbo.com. A paper about M-Finance presented at the eBew'2002 Int. Conf. can be found here.

    MMS Portal

    The Internet portal for MMS services presented here is a completely platform independent Java Web application, that gives the capabilities of composing, sending and receiving of personal multimedia mobile messages. The sending/receiving process of MMS messages is through a MMS Center Gateway. It could be an appeal for ASP companies regarding the still small number of MMS device holders and the great interest in sending/receiving/transforming-to-email/alerting-by-SMS on behalf of the Internet and SMS users.
    A paper about MMS Portal presented at the SAER'2003 Int. Conf. can be found here.

    MobImagUp - Mobile Image Uploader

    The main goal of the Mobile Image Uploader is to provide Nokia 7650 users with facilities to upload images to corporative Web sites, i.e., to replace image content inside the HTML pages of a Web site by their own images taken by the built-in camera, according image access policy defined by the system administrator through Web access. Authorised users take pictures with Nokia 7650, then connect to the MOBIMAGUP uploader server and do authorization, select a mobile local image for the upload to the MOBIMAGUP image server select which remote image (or images) to be replaced on the Web site (by means of aliases defined by the administrator via Web).
    A MS Powerpoint presentation about the Mobile Image Uploader can be found here.

    SMS4SME - SMS-Driven Portal for the Small and Medium Enterprises

    SMS-Driven Portal for the Small Business stands for a Web portal for creating and maintenance of e-commerce Web sites for the small business, i.e. for small vendors such as restaurants/bookshops keepers and service-oriented companies, etc. The Web sites (created and updated remotely by the vendor) reside at the hosting company while each purchase request is transmitted to the vendor via a generated SMS or a sequence of SMS messages. If requested, the vendor may send to the portal a SMS confirming the acceptance of the request and the delivery time. The user may follow the status of its request by the vendor Web site and/or by receiving of confirmation SMS.

    Web Arts Gallery

    The Web Art Gallery (WAG) is a Java Web application in the B2C area, which serves for painters as a Web tool of creation and further update of their own exhibitions inside a hierarchical art gallery. The branches of the art gallery are built according art techniques, stiles and trends. Visitors of the gallery can be common Web surfers and/or registered users. Common users can navigate through the gallery, view pictures and information about the artists, and search for the pictures of given artist. Registered users can also order one or several paintings and then buy them in the office of the company which hosts the gallery, or buy them by putting their credit card number (future extension). Click here to view the gallery...

    The Business Promoter

    Business Promoter (BP) stands for a Web (eventually WAP) application in the B2B and B2C area, which allows the registered users to send automatically e-mails with advertising contents to any potential business partner found on the Web. Potential partners are found by means of specifying some relevant key words and crawling the Web sites for them, followed by parsing the found sites for building partner e-mail lists. Clients can send to their candidate business partners e-mails in mass informing them about the client business opportunities. First N mails are going to be sent free of charge, next e-mail promotions will be sent with paying for every 1000 mails sent. Supported paying mechanisms will be by cheque (hanged-up sending till receiving the cheque) and by means of credit card. Partners filtration and reusability available. Developed by Bonea Ltd. with MSc students, ASP looked. Click here to play with the system.

    Hotels Reservation System (Web/WAP)

    This application was designed to offer an useful information about hotels and for making hotel reservations via Web and WAP. Its function is to connect providers with users of the tourist services system.
    The main goals are as follows:

  • for registered hotel agencies - to add, remove and edit its own information such as Address, Location, Services, etc., through a WEB browser
  • to provide users with the possibility to browse the available items presented in the catalogue through their private cellular phones (equipped with WML browser) and to make reservation if needed.
  • Each client who possesses a cellular phone equiped with WAP 1.2.1 browser receives the response from the hotel as a WAP Push message (Service Indication content type).
      Click here to view the Web hotel admin application and here to browse hotels via WAP and to make a reservation...

    Human Resource Manager System (HRMS)

    Companies have a plenty of human resources, who are managed by their managers in a very traditional way. Managers should know each skill of every person and allocate persons to suitable project tasks. This approach is acceptable for small stuffs only, and even for a small number of developers managers could not know all the skills of everyone. The current proposal tries to solve the problem by means of a system for managing people in a simple and elegant way. The Human Resource Manager System (HRMS) is based on several ideas:
      1) it will serve for any company size
      2) any officer from the company will receive rights of access to the company page within HRMS (or just his/her uid/psswd) and fill in his/her qualifications in a profile
      3) the company managers (CEO, CTO, HRM) will be able to enter a query page, where they can browse all the qualifications profiles and search for resources with given skills owned at given level - e.g., look for skill X owned at level Y or higher.
      Click here to apply for a job. If you want to see the whole HRMS administrative application please contact Bonea to get an account.

    Virtual I-NET Library (VINETL)

    The project goal is creation of an Internet/intranet application serving as a Virtual I-NET Library (VINETL). It builds and manages a common catalog of information resources of all the people inside a corporation, university, etc. Moreover, the library controls the exchange of information resources among the library users encouraging them to register and lend/borrow their information holders - books, magazines, types, CD's, etc. Important advantage of the application is its centralized control over resources distributed among people, without to impose people to put the resources physically together. As well, by sending reminder e-mail or SMS to both lender and borrower, the VINETL assures that each borrowed resource will be returned back to his/her owner.

    Web Map of Bulgarian Holy Places

    This project proposal plans to develop and maintain a Web-based map of all the Bulgarian monasteries, churches, chapels, etc. With the new digital cameras and the state-of-the-art software technologies, the process of incorporating dynamically, step by step new profiles of monasteries will be straight forward. The Web applications is going to include two parts:
  • Web map for localization, visualization, and searching of Bulgarian monasteries

  • Web map administration site for addition, editing and deletion of monasteries profiles

  • The monastery profile will be created, updated or deleted by the Web map administration site. Moreover, the site administrator will specify a pattern for layout presentation of the monastery profile, which could be different for the different monasteries. Both the monastery profile and its layout pattern should be possible to be manipulated dynamically, without any need to restart the Web application. The access to any of the monasteries will be through navigation "magnifying glass" applied on the geographical map of Bulgaria for the region, the user is interested in.


    CourseMan stands for COURSE MANager and is a Java Internet application for management of online student courses. CourseMan allows lecturers to maintain students list and course task list. Students may subscribe for the course (before freezing the student list) and subscribe for a course task (before freezing the task list). Next, they can upload the task solution on the server and view it through a browser.